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The Path of Seva

Awakening to love through selfless service

When you’re committed to living a life of purpose, a life of action, a life anchored in an expanded awareness of Self, there’s no better way to deepen your connection with the world around you than by selfless service.

The Path of Seva Program is a profound training and development program for people pursuing a spiritual path.  It is for one year, free of charge.  Participants will learn the fundamentals of living a life in a seva community, guided by the teachings of H.H. Sai Maa.  

What is the meaning of seva?

Seva is a Sanskrit word that describes the act of selfless service. Its meaning is said to be embodied by the root words saha, meaning “with that” and eva, meaning “too” which together means “together with.” The act of Seva leads to collective benefit and gain, although it is performed without attachment to any outcome for the individual.

Your engagement 

  • Become part of one or more of our seva teams.
  • Offer seva on a regular or ad hoc basis (on average 1 hour of seva a week) for the duration of the seva project (between 1 and 12 months).
  • Participate in team meetings and team gatherings (satsangs) to grow together.
  • Engage yourself in the personal development training and leadership program.

Your results 

  • Come out of selfishness by embodying joy and vibrancy through selfless service.
  • Apply self-transformation tools to allow spiritual growth
  • Become a passionate and efficient leader of service.  
  • Join a community that contributes to humanity in a harmonious and loving way and where profound and long lasting connections are made.  
  • Contribute to Her Holiness Sai Maa's mission of global enlightenment.

Living a life of selfless service is available for you!