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Your Divine Impulse

“There is such a glory in the divine impulse, such a glory. It takes one from a place of separation, limitation, individuality, as only ‘me,’ into a Oneness consciousness, into that Oneness impulse, into that universal self where we know we are All That Is.”   – H.H. Sai Maa 

A series of 14 discourses originally aired on the World Puja Network from 2012 & 2013, the teachings are truly timeless. Dense and full of the foundational teachings, Maa’s words flow like a river, pulling the listener downstream.

Take time to listen, re-listen and re-listen again the parts that make you expand into Light, or contract in an instant. Breathe in the energy of Maa’s words; they are activated and carry energy into your field. Be open to the energy of not understanding, because it is sometimes only when the mind does not understand, that the field is truly open to receive.

Prepare to dive into the pulse of creation. Be open to accepting the greatness of your true Self. Start to prepare to take responsibility for the powerful creator you are, that your Divine Impulse is.

Note: This program is free for Grand Design members and Sai Maa Consciousness members

Welcome, welcome, welcome to you.


What is the experience of living Your Divine Impulse? 

  • Ease of manifestation… Like when you have a thought about a person you need to speak to, and they call you. Or before you even think about how to accomplish something, exactly what you need shows up in front of you. 
  • Knowing yourself as the powerful creator you are. 
  • Living from your intuition with velocity
  • Being present to the magic of life.
  • Living in a state of flow. 
  • Joy

Maa’s words are activated and carry energy into your field, activating your Divine Impulse within.