$3,900.00 USD

Membership Terms:

Sai Maa Consciousness Membership is non-refundable and valid for the year in which it was purchased (i.e. the 2023 membership is only for 2023).

Please email [email protected] with any quesitons.

Program access:
You will have access to your program(s) as long as your subscription is current.

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Sai Maa Consciousness Membership - Annual

Boldly live your soul’s path and prioritize your enlightenment 

The Sai Maa Consciousness Membership is a multi-access pass for those whose top priority in this lifetime is their enlightenment. 

Included in this membership are all programs offered in 2023, with the exception of advanced programs (and you’ll receive a discount on those). All you need to do is simply register for the program to let us know you want to participate and the recordings and energy sessions (when offered) will be included as well.

This membership allows you to boldly live your soul’s path in a supportive community where your transformation is accelerated by an enlightened Master.

Your Results as a Sai Maa Consciousness Membership
  • Profound transformation from applying esoteric teachings to everyday life and meditation
  • Removal of obstacles between you and enlightenment
  • A deeper relationship with the teachings and energetic work of Her Holiness Sai Maa